Would you like to help out in your child's classroom? Continue to read below!

Being a volunteer is a great way to meet other parents and community members, and it provides wonderful benefits to the students of Juanita Elementary. Parents and community members are essential to the experience of our students.

Be sure to check in at the front office each time you volunteer.
Volunteer Application Process
All Juanita Elementary volunteers must go through a screening process, for the safety of students and volunteers alike. All volunteers must apply and be approved before they can begin their volunteer service. A Parent Access user name and password is needed to fill out the application online. Apply Online or Paper Application This application is renewable every two years.

We would like to thank you for your interest in volunteering at Juanita Elementary School. As a volunteer, you are entering into a partnership that will have a direct, positive impact on our students’ social and academic successes. To help students succeed volunteers agree to: 1.Meet the legal requirement of completing and having approved the Lake Washington District Volunteer Application, disclosure form, and Washington State Patrol background form prior to volunteering with the school. 2.Reading and understanding concepts shared in the Lake Washington School District Volunteer Handbook. 3.Respect the privacy of school staff members and students’ learning by not discussing school matters away from the classroom. 4.Keep all student information confidential. (In fact, disclosing this information is a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy act of 1974 (FERPA).) 5.Avoid being alone with students. (If working one-to-one with a student always do so in a public area i.e. a shared space, classroom, or the library.) 6.Ensure that when working with students, appropriate physical contact should be brief, should not linger, and should not differ from student to student. 7.Check in at the office, sign in, and wear a volunteer visitor’s badge, upon each volunteer visit. 8.Call the school, if you cannot make your scheduled volunteer time, so the teachers and students will know you will not be there. 9.Please do not bring younger siblings along during a volunteer session. 10.Use only equipment you have been trained to use and report all malfunctions to the office staff. 11.Give staff members the “right of way” on copiers and school equipment. (Copiers are reserved for staff prior to the morning bell, during all recesses, and immediately after school.) 12.Always leave an area cleaner than you found it. 13.Once again, your volunteer work is an essential element to the success of our students.

On behalf of all students and staff, “Thank You!”

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