Juanita Schools Foundation

Our Board has 9 members (staff and community) and has been in existence since 1975. We work in partnership with Juanita El and alongside Juanita El PTA. We provide funds to Juanita El in support of its programs and other needs.

What do we provide? A large amount of the donations we have provided to Juanita El has been to support staffing needs to assist the reading program, technology program, to assist office time for after school programs and to support the Lunch Buddy and Volunteer Program. We also have provided donations for “stuff” (library books, trash cans, safety items). We have donated $12,000 - $13,000 annually since our creation.

We partner with 5th grade for Outdoor Ed and with Music and PE with the Dance. We have tax exempt status so provide an avenue for tax deductible donations and grants.

How do we raise money? We raise money in a variety of ways.

Programs – We have three fee based programs. After paying staff, money is available for donation. Our programs are “Paws”itive Starts, After School “Paws” and After School Classes. “Paws”itive Starts occurs every morning starting at 8 am in the Art/Science Room. Daily cost is $3 or $1 if free/reduced. After School “Paws” starts daily at 3:30 or 2:00 on early release Wednesdays. Fees vary. (Fee schedule is on this website.) After School Classes occur daily and begin in October. Fees vary on classes. There are 3 sections of classes over the year. Choir is part of the After School Classes. The fee for choir is $10 per month. Sign up is with our Music teacher.

Partnerships – We have a partnership with Albertsons and with eScrip (Safeway). People provide us their Albertsons and Safeway card numbers and other information which are then are linked to our partnerships. Albertsons and Safeway donate a percentage of the expenditures from our participants to us. Essentially Free Money.

Recycle – eScrip has a recycle program for used toner cartridges and cell phones. We collect them and send them to eScrip. They then send us money for them.

United Way – Participants in United Way can designate a portion or all of the United Way donations to Juanita Schools Foundation. Money from these donations supports our Lunch Buddy program and other Volunteer programs at Juanita El.

How can you help?

  1. Sign up your Albertsons and/or Safeway card with us. Forms are available on this website and in office. Please e-mail your completed form to JPendergrass@lwsd.org or print a copy and deliver it to the office.
  2. Bring in any toner cartridges or cell phones that you have at home.
  3. Make a donation. Checks written to Juanita Schools Foundation.
  4. Participate in classes and after school programs.
  5. Designate a portion or all of your United Way pledge to Juanita Schools Foundation.