Optional PE Homework

In September, and periodically through out the school year I review with all the students how they can earn a small prize and a “Fitness” certificate every month, and also how they can earn a Fitness Medal at the end of the school year. However, especially with younger students, parents need to re-explain at home and/or support their child’s efforts if you and/or your child desires to complete “optional” PE fitness homework.

Fitness Medals

If a child completes 8 or more optional PE assignments (one per month) for 8 or more months for the 10 months we are in school, they will receive a fitness medal at the end of the year assembly in June.

All assignments are:
•Gets your child's name published in the monthly fitness champs flyer (posted on the Power School Website Only & Hanging on my PE Bulletin Board outside the office at Juanita Elementary)
•Earns your child a certificate and a small prize (one prize a month)
•Earns your child a fitness medal at the end of the year if they do one assignment on time, every month for 8 out of the 10 months that your child is in school.

A child can choose to do a variety of assignments, or they can do the same assignment (for example, a fitness calendar) each month throughout the school year. Late Fitness Calendars will not be accepted. Fit Art & Fitness Is Fun Photos counts they month that I receive it. For example, if a child draws a picture in September but they do NOT give it to me until mid October, the Fit Art assignment is credited for October.

Please Note regarding All PE Extra Credit Homework:

For parents of primary students (K-2nd). when completing a fitness calendars, please complete the fitness calendar together. I have had several K-2nd grade students tell me they didn’t even know what the fitness calendar was, and didn’t know that their parents filled one out for them and turned it in. As a family, you can help make this a learning experience for your child if you complete the homework together.. In general, the parents of younger students (K-2nd) can write for the child (and go over directions) but not DO the homework with no input from your child.

3rd-5th grade students are responsible and old enough to complete the homework independently without help from their parents. Sloppy, rushed, incomplete, or late homework will not be accepted.


Mrs. Lynn Kohlwes: Juanita Elementary PE Teacher

Downloadable Fitness Calendars


Due on or before the date found at the bottom of the calendar, and due usually 3 to 7 days after the previous month has ended. It must be signed by both the student and their parent, and have the child's classroom teacher's name written on it. Below are the links for 2018-2019 calendars


Instructions for....

Fitness is Fun Posters

I will only create one 12 by 18 inch poster per year, and only up until mid May. There is NO due date per se, but rather the child simply gets credit the month I receive photos of them via email or when they bring me the original photo. Please only send 1-4 pictures via email, or have your child bring me photos and then I will take them home, scan them, and return the original picture(s). Completed posters are hung in the hallway just past the library.

My email address is lkohlwes@lwsd.org

Online Bike Test (4th & 5th grade only)

This Test is found only on my PE PowerSchool Website. See bottom of the page on how to access this side

This is an online test testing the student's knowledge of bike safety. Student must pass the test by 80% or better. The student is only allowed to take this test one time a year for “credit” towards their fitness medal. Taking this test DOES count towards their fitness medal.

Fitness Polls and Surveys

This Test is found only on my PE PowerSchool Website. See bottom of the page on how to access this side

If you complete all three polls in one month, it counts as one of your monthly "fitness assignment"
Please email Mrs. Kohlwes at lkohlwes@lwsd.org after you have completed all the surveys/polls.

Downloadable Fit Art and Other Optional PE Homework

There is no specific due date, but rather the child simply gets credit the month they turn their fit art in, & they can turn it in at any time. The fit art drawing must include the child doing an activity or sport that gives them exercise The drawing must have 5 colors or more, drawn on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper or larger, and have their name, their teacher's name & date written on the back. The student must also include a brief description of what they are doing and how it helps them keep fit. Younger students can "dictate" the sentence to their parents who then can write it for them.

Fitness Goal Setting Coming Soon

You’ll get more information on this after I complete Fitness Testing in the fall/early winter and then I will send home the fitness report in January. Reports are typically due two weeks after your January parent teacher conference.

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st grade
  • 2nd grade
  • 3rd grade
  • 4th grade
  • 5th grade

Other Ways Your Child Can Earn Prizes

I can tie my shoe (Kindergarten-2nd grade Students Only)

Your child will get the opportunity to show me they can tie their shoe, unassisted 4 times a year but only can “earn” credit once. In other words, if they can show me they can tie their shoe in October, they do NOT need to show me in the other 3 testing months. The four "testing" months are: Mid September, February, and April and the beginning of June.

Learning to tie your shoe does NOT count as fitness so it does NOT count as an “assignment” for the month towards earning their fitness medal.

Finding the Secret Word & Answer the Question Correctly (Can only be found on my PowerSchool PE Website. You'll Need a Username & Password)

Secret Word & Question

Once every 2-3 weeks I put a “secret” word and a question on my Power School PE website. If you and your child find the secret word and answer the question and email me both at lkohlwes@lwsd.org your child will receive a pencil and an eraser. The purpose of this is to get students and parents to explore my HAIKU website and learn more about what your child is doing in their PE program.

The secret Word and Question does NOT count as fitness so it does NOT count as an “assignment” for the month towards earning their fitness medal.

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