Annual Mariner Night


This is last year, May 2018.  It was Star Wars Night, and as we await in the tunnel to come out to the field to sing, the Star Wars Characters entered the tunnel and gave us high fives.  It was so fun.


The Annual Family Mariner Night at T-Mobile Field was scheduled for Friday evening, March 27th.  Parents will be receiving their original "voided" checks back (or cash if that is how you paid) once we are back in school. Currently we are trying to reschedule for Monday, June 22nd.

All Tickets must be paid in advance (deadline to be determined) You will receive your tickets the week of the game

 You can download the Ticket Reservation Form on the right once a new date is established.  Checks for tickets should be written to the Juanita Foundation.

Seats are located at the 300 level  behind home plateat T-Mobile Ball Park in down town Seattle.

The Juanita Elementary Choir  will be singing the National Anthem on the Field for the 8th year in a row. Come cheer us on if and when we are able to reschedule the game.

Below are links to previous performances.

Juanita El. Choir Video 2019

Juanita El. Choir Video 2018

Juanita El. Choir Video 2017

Juanita El. Choir Video 2016

Juanita El Choir Video 2015


Currently,  our game is rescheduled for Tuesday Evening, June 23rd, if the Major League Baseball season begins,  but if we are all still limited to congregating at large public events, then we will reschedule the Mariner game for next FALL. 

 If rescheduled for this coming fall, the original choir will still have the opportunity to sing, even if they’ve moved on to middle school.

As soon as school is back in session,   I will have more details. 

 In the meantime I still have your checks, and they have NOT been deposited.

 Here is what I CAN do with your check:

  • I can void the check, upon  your request, and you can pick them up once school is back in session


  • I can hang on to them to apply towards tickets for the rescheduled game. 

Please contact me by email on what you want me to do with your check.  I will not be “mailing” back checks, but upon your request, I can write “VOID” across the check, take a photo of it and send the image to you via your personal email.

 If the game is never rescheduled, then I will “VOID” the check, and then again you can pick up the ‘voided’ check from school, once we are back in session.

 For the 4 families that paid in cash,  PLEASE email me your phone number if you want me to contact you by phone.

 Please check the Juanita El. Website to use the Ticket Reservation Form once a new date of June 23rd,  is absolutely confirmed

If you have any further questions, I can be reached by email at  

Please do NOT call my work number because I have no way of accessing my voice mail at work.

Thanks for your understanding.


Mrs. Kohlwes