Expectations and Rules

Learn what what the class expectations are for every student and the rules students are expected to follow when they are in the library.

Our Expectations:

Our library is a peaceful and quiet place.

  • Everyone in this school has the right to expect one place to always be peaceful and quiet.
  • It is the responsibility of all of us to keep this place a quiet and peaceful haven for reading and studying.

We take care of our library.

  • We use a shelf marker
  • We always push in our chairs
  • We clean up when we are finished

We borrow, take care of and return books on time.

  • Books are due every two weeks.
  • Books can be renewed up once. That’s means a book could possibly be checked out to you for up to four weeks if it is not on hold for another student.
  • If you lose or damage a book, you will need to pay the fine before checking out anymore materials.

Our Rules:

Listen Carefully- Listening is a matter of respect and demonstrates the effort you are putting forth to learn and participate in the classroom activity.

Follow Directions and Remain on Task- It is important to follow directions in a timely manner and complete the activity within the allotted time period.

Pick up After Yourself- The library is a place for everyone therefore, respect for the space and materials provided are a must by replacing the materials in their proper place.

Use Quiet Voices- The library is a place for people to read, think and study. Please respect all by whispering.

Use Check-Out Time Wisely- This is usually your only time for library check-out. Students are expected to check-out books on a regular basis. A portion of their grade is determined on library use and that requires using the library to find and check-out appropriate reading materials. If a student is not able to check-out due to overdue materials, he/she is still expected to find reading materials to read during the library period.