Check-out Policy

Read about our check-out policy for students.


Grade Level Number of books Period of time
Kindergarten* 1 book 1 week
1st Grade 2 books

2 weeks

2nd Grade 4 books 2 weeks
3rd Grade 5 books 2 weeks
4th Grade 8 books 2 weeks
5th Grade 8 books 2 weeks

*Kindergarten is not allowed to check out books until January.

Please Note: If a student has ANY overdue books, he or she will not be allowed to check out until the book/s are returned.

Books must be returned to the library in order for the book to to be discharged from a student's library record. If the book is overdue, the student should return it directly to the library instead of placing it in the classroom library return basket. The book will be discharged a lot sooner if we do not have to wait for the assigned classroom library helper to return the book/s.

Late Books:

Weekly notices are sent via e-mail to the parent e-mail address provided if one is available. If an e-mail address is not provided, Ms. Joseph will phone the student's home after the second late notice. Hard copies are provided as well to students on a bi-monthly basis.

Lost or Damaged Books:

If a book is lost or damaged it is the responsibility of the student to pay for the cost of replacement. Students will not be able to check out any materials if a book is lost or damaged until the fine has been satisfied. Please call Ms. Joseph if you have any questions at (425) 936-2570 ext. 55723.